Word for 2017

By Stephen Foster on December 31, 2016

In seeking Holy Spirit for some revelation about the new year, He reminded me that the last day of work of my former job was the first day of my twentieth year.  Ryan had also mentioned that this was a prophetic date.  I researched the numbers twenty and seventeen.

Twenty:  can mean complete or perfect waiting period

Seventeen:  can mean overcoming the enemy or complete victory

 A season of waiting and preparation is ending and a season of positioning and alignment is beginning. Putting twenty and seventeen together we get 2017, the year of coming out of the waiting/developmental period and moving into the period of overcoming the enemy and complete victory.  This year we are entering a breakthrough season.

We are coming out of a time of training, a time of testing and a time of determining our level of commitment.  Many of us have struggled with health, financial, work, family, and relationship issues.  It has been a long and difficult season for many.  It was a season necessary for us to be properly prepared for what Holy Spirit has in store for us.  It was a period of waiting for God to work in each of us so that He could equip a community of believers to fulfill the destiny He has for us and this city.  Now begins a season of pressing in for the vision, strategy, structure, and sequence of events that will unfold a transformation of our lives and this city, and ultimately, this state and this nation.

However, Holy Spirit reminded me about the Israelites coming out of captivity in Egypt.  They had a promise from God (Exodus 3) that He would fight for them, free them from captivity and bring them into their inheritance in a land flowing with milk and honey.  They had God’s promise and yet at the Red Sea they were in a state of panic as the Egyptians closed in.  God responded mightily and they crossed over as God destroyed the Egyptian army.  Yet their disobedience and grumbling caused them to spend forty years in the wilderness on a journey that could have only lasted eleven days.  We need to be diligent and careful to realize the magnitude of the opportunity that has been given to us for this city.  We need more than ever to seek out the wisdom, revelation, and understanding that will be necessary.

The level of vision is changing for those who will press in.  It will change for everyone who does so.  Situations or circumstances may reoccur, but you will see and understand them differently.  It will be as if we now have eyes to see!!  The knowledge and revelation will be at a higher level.  Holy Spirit is moving us into positioning mode.  The seriousness of the situation will be increasing.  A much higher level of commitment will be required.

I felt like we are in a play and we just finished another act.  Now there is a change or transition that is going to take place.  We are transitioning into the third act in this glorious play that Holy Spirit has been directing for us.  Even though we have come out of a tense, tough and sometimes very difficult season, there must be an increase in the desire to pursue the purposes of God for this city in this new season.  Things will intensify because the level of revelation is increasing, as will the warfare.  The working out of Holy Spirit’s plan for this city is moving into its final stages.  It does not mean that the end result is at hand.  It means that we are entering a new phase in the execution of the plan.

I saw some of us sitting in meetings with Holy Spirit as He laid out plans, strategies and the ways and means to accomplish the task at hand.  We had a completely different focus as He revealed aspects of this plan to us.  The natural parts of our lives were still there, but our focus on the task at hand was such that those things did not seem to bother us like they did previously.

I also saw us with bows and arrows.  In the old season, they were normal bows with regular arrows.  In the new season, they were advanced compound bows that were perfectly balanced.  The arrows they used were perfectly balanced as well.  I saw us practicing with our bows and it did not take long for each of us to zero in on the mark.  The practice from the old season was reaping dividends with the more advanced equipment.

It will be a challenging season for us, but if we are up to the challenge we will walk in victory.  The transformation of Williamsburg is at hand.  Who knows how far it will reach!!

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