When The Storm Clouds Of Life Form

By Karyn Doherty on February 18, 2016

The weatherman on the local news has frantically predicted a major hurricane for the area.  Viewers are now being bombarded with hundreds of ways to prepare for this monster storm.  Fear and trepidation begins to set in as grocery stores are wiped clean of every article of food and supplies.  “Oh why don’t I ever think to get prepared for these things” is the chatter at the registers.

Towns sitting in this storm’s path wondering when and where this massive storm will begin, suddenly notice white puffy clouds and blue sky disappear, setting into motion a deadly blackness which seems to slowly cover the entire earth.  The atmospheric pressure plummets and gale force winds begin round one in its intensity.

We can be thankful we have meteorologists who can prepare us in the natural.  Unfortunately the spiritual storm clouds of life can hit so unexpectedly that there is 100% predictability we will be totally caught off guard.  It can hit in many different ways from health, to finances, to a great loss.  No one can see it coming or is able to do anything to prepare.

The enemy recently decided to open fire on me and with a barrage of gale force winds brought me to my knees; or should I say my back.  My focus was suddenly shifted to the oncoming black cloud and my spiritual atmospheric pressure began a downward spiral.  In the midst of God shifting His own spiritual atmosphere satan had been trying to counter attack with his demonic assaults.  By the way, he is also quite the master of false impressions.  I was left feeling not only defeated but continually crying out to God for answers.

During these storms of life I realized one thing in particular.  In every circumstance it is so important to give God all praise because satan dreads our singing more than our sighing!  Great lessons are learned throughout these seasons but an essential one is that difficulties are sent to us to reveal what God can do in answer to faith.  Also that discipline at the time is truly painful! 

Now try to imagine what it is like when the storm clouds subside.  The sky begins to clear and the winds slowly calm to a whisper.  The aftermath becomes a feeling of a change in atmosphere, pure and clean.  I have come to see that it is the same in the spiritual trials.  All impurities are blown away and not only is focus renewed and restored but the sun finally breaks through and gives new clarity, new life; an even greater sense of a nearness to God. 

Gale force winds roll away the stone of your hurting heart and a new heightened awareness of destiny begins to be discovered.  So for anyone who is facing difficult trials, all I can tell you is start catching the vision of the Glory Wave that’s coming and hang on; it’s going to be a glorious ride!

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