We are moving!

By Ryan McAdams on September 24, 2015

God is on the move and doing great things in this critical hour.  As the darkness continues to mount the Lord is raising up a standard of righteousness and mobilizing a mighty army of wholehearted worshippers who will manifest in the earth the glory and grace of God.  It is a season of increase and expansion.  We all need to be encouraged to move forward and fulfill our God-given callings and assignments in the Lord.  Go forward and don't look back...the time is surely short.

In this spirit, the Lord is transitioning us and making a major shift in our community of Agape Mission Church.  We are moving into a new location!  For some time we have been praying for the right circumstances to align and we are confident the Lord has lead us to the right place that will meet our needs and help us fulfill what is in God's heart for us and this next phase of ministry.  We are moving to the church facility at 113 Palace Lane, Williamsburg 23185 (off of Bypass Road, across from Cracker Barrel) - where Relevant Church currently meets.  We are really excited about this new partnership with Pastor Mark Stannard and the leadership of Relevant, who have been long-standing friends for many years.  Additionally, we are extremely grateful to New Town United Methodist Church and our time sharing space with them at the Prayer Room.

We will still be meeting on Saturday nights, but our start time is changing to 6:00PM.  We will have teaching/preaching on the front end, and then we will be transitioning to open-ended prophetic worship after.  We feel like the Lord is releasing a new wineskin, at least for us, as to how "to do church".  We are excited to see how the Lord moves and uses what we offer Him to do mighty works in our midst in the lives of those who participate.  Beginning at 6:00pm, we will also be offering fully equipped children's ministry for nursery to 12 years old.  God has given us an anointed person to take our Children's Ministry to a whole new level.  Kevin Mohammed is an experienced and anointed Children's Pastor and we are really excited that he is coming on to be a part of the ministry team and leadership.  This is an exciting time and we certainly feel fresh wind in our sails as He takes us to new heights.   

Our first Saturday night at the new facility will be October 3rd at 6:00PM.  I want to encourage you to come out and see what the Lord is doing and support us in this next step.  Thank you for all your continued prayers and love.  Spread the word and invite a friend!

Much love and grace to you, Ryan McAdams

Note:  Our Tuesday night small group and our Wednesday prayer meetings are also moving to the new location as well.  Check out the website for all updated and new info.

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