War Cry - Prophetic History

By Ryan McAdams on March 24, 2015

It is time for God's army to, now, together!

I don't think we can exaggerate the urgency of the hour nor the magnitude of the times we live in.  As evil continues to mount an assault on righteousness, God has prepared an army of believers called to partner with the King and take the Kingdom of heaven by force now.  We must gather and we must unify, joining as one to aggressively release the sound of victory in the land.

On April 4th (Passover weekend), beginning at noon, we will be hosting a gathering of the Body of Christ to worship the King and contend for a spiritual breakthrough here at the birthplace of America.  Worship teams and leaders from around the region will converge at Lake Matoaka Amphitheatre at this strategic event to advance the light and push back the darkness.  God specifically is calling for us to gather as one to strike against the stronghold of division and racism.  The Lord is gathering different races, peoples and streams of anointing to flow together and stand on the solid rock of unity to assault the root of iniquity in this historic place.  Now is the time.  Come and take your stand with us!

Prophetic History of the War Cry:       

For the last several months the Lord has been speaking in very clear terms about His army arising and taking ground in the land.  In January 2015 the Lord said in a dream, "Speak against the powers in the city." 

On February 2, 2015, the Lord spoke in another dream.  I was in the context of a conference gathering of Dutch Sheets, a national leader who represents a governmental apostolic anointing.  His old youth leader in Colorado Springs who I had met stood up and said, "Not a conference, but a confrontation."   It was known to me in the dream that at this time we were to gather together to not merely release and confer information or the latest teaching, but to come together in unity in the authority God had given us to strategically confront the powers in the geographic area He has placed us.  Additionally, at the same time of the conference in the dream, there was a African-American prophet of a different movement that was also conducting a conference right across the street.  The youth leader then said, "And you need to do it together with them (pointing across the street)."  It was clear that the Lord was saying that we need to join the races and our anointings together (a white apostolic ministry with a black prophetic ministry) to confront the dark strongholds in the area. 

As I began to pray into this dream, the Lord brought to mind a significant dream I had about four years ago on July 21, 2011.  In this dream, I was with a group of leaders preparing and strategizing for an event.  I knew we were discussing the second of two events (the first had already passed).  Then I looked and saw the second event going on.  The event was outside and there was a mass of people.  I saw a stage with a covering with leaders all around, including Lou Engle.  There was a young man on the stage who was really passionate and fired up, saying to the crowd, “Let’s go!"  I then heard, “Rally Cry!”  I then saw myself looking at invoices from the event and a guy came up to me and asked what they were and I said, “I don’t know, but it’s paid for.”  I then woke up and the Spirit said again, “Rally Cry”.  Then I heard “Raleigh Tavern”.

The Raleigh Tavern was a literal tavern and gathering place established in 1717 in Williamsburg which became a historical institution.  It was the frequent rendezvous of the House of Burgesses, the elected legislative body in Virginia.  Here is some relevant history of the Raleigh Tavern and events leading up to American revolution:  

When the House of Burgesses protested the Townshend Acts in 1769 and Governor Botetourt dissolved the chamber for its disrespect, bolder members reconvened at the tavern. There they formed a nonimportation association, agreeing to suspend the purchase of various goods from British merchants.

Meeting at the suggestion of burgess Richard Henry Lee in a private room at the Raleigh in 1773, a group that included lawmakers Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Francis Lightfoot Lee, and Dabney Carr planned the introduction of a resolution to create a standing Committee of Correspondence. The committee participated in the circulation of letters and other communications among the legislatures of the restive colonies – an important step toward Continental unity.

On May 27, 1774, Governor Dunmore dissolved the House of Burgesses again for objecting to the closing of the Port of Boston after its Tea Party, and 89 burgesses reassembled at the Raleigh to form another nonimportation association. George Mason drafted the association agreement, and George Washington introduced it.  Benson J. Lossing, a 19th-century journalist who visited Williamsburg to gather material for a book, wrote, "The Raleigh Tavern and the Apollo Room are to Virginia, relatively, what Faneuil Hall is to Masachusetts."                                                                                                 Source:  Colonial Williamsburg,,/places/hb/hbral.cfm

Raleigh Tavern was the location and womb where the revolutionary patriots and leaders went to gather, strategize and make unified decisions and declarations to confront the powers of tyranny in the land.  On June 1st, 1774, in Williamsburg amidst the drama and buildup to the Revolution, “A day of Fasting, Humiliation and Prayer” was called for by the members of the House of Burgess “devoutly to implore the divine interposition, for averting the heavy calamity which threatens destruction to our civil rights, and the Evils of civil war”.  This took place a few days after they gathered at the Raleigh and denounced the closure of the Boston port as an act of war.  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and the other burgesses “went to church and fasted all day.”  The chaplain chose to preach from Genesis 18:23, Abraham’s question to the Lord about the destruction of Sodom:  “Will thou also destroy the righteous with the wicked?”  Thomas Jefferson recalled that throughout the whole colony this Joel 2 day of fasting and prayer “was like a shock of electricity”.  The day was said to be “the cement among the colonies” and the very “seed of a revolution”.  It was the "Rally Cry". (The American Revolution,

We felt like the Lord was wishing to unfold something in the present that was related and somehow tied to what has transpired in the historical past.  Like in the days of old, we sense the Lord was saying through this dream that he wanted to gather the Virginia House of Burgesses (house of prayer leaders) at the old colonial capital here in Williamsburg to tap into the governmental/catalytic anointing here to seed the next great awakening and holy revolution that the Lord has intended to break forth in this great nation - an event that would bring leaders from Virginia together to rally and confront the powers through unified worship, prayer and fasting. 

So, I began to pray and wonder if now was the time that the Lord wanted to have this significant gathering here in Williamsburg.  Soon after, I was on the phone with Darrian Summerville and I began to share with him what the Lord was saying.  God made more connections and we discerned that the Lord was clearly speaking and that specifically God wanted to have a unified gathering of leaders here that would strike against the root and stronghold of division and racism, but we looked for more confirmation from the Lord.

There is a lot to say about why God would wish to strike here against the stronghold of division and racism, but let me just share this:  After the indian masacre of 1622 (responding to many injustices by the colonists) in which one fourth of virginia colonists were killed, the response of the colonists was not to mend fences and build bridges, but to dominate.  The colonists erected a palisade wall between the James and the York rivers, to keep the native americans out of the peninsula - eroding any hope of peaceful co-existence in the land.  The first expansive dividing wall of racism was erected on our soil.  This palisade wall ran right through current day Williamsburg, which at that time was called Middle Plantation.

In 2001, a team including Dutch Sheets, Cindy Jacobs, Lou Engle, Will Ford and others came to Williamsburg as part of the Kettle Tour.  We prayed at a location downtown called Bruton Heights, which was a former segregated African American School where archaeologists also found remnants of the old colonial palisade wall.  As we came upon the grounds the team stopped in their tracks to pray if there was release given from heaven and authority to pray at this site, for they discerned that the very root of racism and division over our nation was present in this place.

So, after talking with Darrian on the phone on February 4th, I had a dream the next morning on February 5, 2015.  In this dream the Lord clearly said, "Can you raise up a war cry for my people?"  I woke up feeling this was a direct communication of the Lord confirming His purpose.  I looked up what the word "war cry" means and found out that it has two other synonyms or words that mean the same thing: "battle cry" and "rally cry".  "Rally Cry" was the word he spoke about the event in the dream four years ago. 

"War Cry" is a battle cry or sound (many times with instruments) released in battle by members of a military unit to do two things: 1.) Unify, arouse aggression and encourage fighters on one's side 2.) Intimidate, discourage, confront and displace the enemy hostile force on the other side.

The Lord was clearly confirming to me his intention to have this gathering now.  I asked the Lord when he wanted to do this and I heard Him say, "Look when the next blood moon occurs."  The next blood moon is April 4th at 8am during Passover weekend.  He then gave me the strategy that there was to be a nightwatch/Burn on the campus of William and Mary beginning Friday night April 3rd (unpublicized portion of event - beginning at 9PM at Blowe Hall at William and Mary) and extending through the blood moon.  Then we were to have the worship event beginning at noon on April 4th outside on the campus of William and Mary.

That day I called back Darrian to tell him what the Lord had spoken and he was floored when I mentioned that the event was to take place on April 4th on the next blood moon.  Darrian explained that he was recently at a conference in DC ministering with Jon Hamil and there was a minister there named Gary Beaton who prophesied that on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination (which is April 4th) on the next blood moon in 2015, the Lord was going to do something that was going to strike against the spirit of racism and division, and turn our nation (my paraphrase).  The Lord confirmed this was the right date for this event.

We believe God has led us to this moment to gather in unity to contend not only for this area but for the very heart of our nation.  God is calling for Virginia to lead again, this time a holy revolution.Since the founding of America, Virginia has always been distinguished as the very heart of our nation.  Quote:

For most of the eighteenth century, British Virginians took remarkable pride in the colony's well-earned reputation as Britain's moderate, temperate, and "most loyal dominion," as well as in its status as the oldest, largest, most populous, most wealthy, and most prosperous province in North America. Horace Walpole observed in 1768 that Virginia "contains the best heads" in British America. It is not surprising, therefore, that during the American Revolution, the War for Independence, and the making of the new nation, that contemporaries from Massachusetts to Georgia would look to Virginia—and to Williamsburg, its capital city—for leadership. A French visitor in the 1790s repeated a widely shared view that Virginia "was one of the first to take part in the revolution: and no one of the states made more vigorous efforts, expended greater sums, or displayed more signal energy, to accomplish that happy object": independence. On the national level, no state, not even Massachusetts, contributed so heavily and so conspicuously to the leadership of the Revolution and to the organization of the new nation.  

The American Revolution,

As we rise, so will the nation.  The Lord is calling the Body of Christ and its leaders in Virginia to take the lead again and commit ourselves to the advance of freedom, liberty and righteousness.  Yet, we must do it together.  It is not any one ministry or leader, but together as His governmental Body in this region and state that is being called upon to get into rank, get more deeply connected and to cooperate and battle for each other and our Kingdom assignments in the geographical areas He has placed us.  If not now, when?  If not us, who?

The War Cry is an initial expression of this, but I believe He is calling the Body of Christ to rise up in cooperative and various battle efforts all over this region, and up and down the James River in this season.  To summarize for this War Cry event on April 4th, the Lord is calling us to gather and fulfill two primary goals:  1) Gather, unify and embolden the spiritual army of this region to rise up to fight together for the cause of heaven in this critical hour of history  2) Confront and strike against the enemy powers of division and racism here at the root, through the sound of unified worship and prayer.

Spread the word and come and join us April 4th.  WAR CRY!  

Ryan McAdams

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