The Road To Advancement

By Stephen Foster on March 22, 2014

Holy Spirit is emphasizing the next three months as an opportunity to advance into new things in the kingdom.  It is time to come out of the old and cross over into the new.  It is time to be watered by the Lord.  There is a season of asking the Lord for things such as gifting, prosperity, abundance, health, ministry and family.

The first month is March.  The emphasis is on crossing over from the place you find yourself to the place the Lord has for you.  He wants to reposition you.  Circumstances, decisions you have made or not made, not being disciplined in your walk and the enemy’s strategies against you are some of the reasons you have been stuck in the old place.  If you will purpose in your heart to move to the new place, the way will be opened for you.  Holy Spirit reminded me of the Israelites at the Red Sea.  They had to be there to cross over and escape.  The sea did not part before they arrived.  The Lord made a way for them to cross over and held the enemy back until they had crossed.

The key to this month is to march out of where you find yourself and march into the place the Lord has for you.  Holy Spirit reminded me about two different types of marches.  One is a military or an in “formation under authority” march.  It is purposeful and has a goal or plan to accomplish.  It is this purposing to cross over that allows the Lord to make a way when there is no apparent way.  The other march is a celebratory one.  It is like a parade or a victory march.  It is joyful and jubilant.  Thankfulness should flow in abundance out of your heart to the Lord for making a way for you to cross over.

The second month is April.  The emphasis is on being watered.  Holy Spirit showed me two points about being watered.  One is that you need to be washed by the power of the Blood and by the Word.  Even though you have crossed over, there are still attachments from the old place that need to be washed off of you.  Allow the Lord to wash you and to seal the cracks in your foundation/structure that have allowed the enemy a means to hold you in the old place.  Ask for revelation of the areas where you are blind to the enemy’s strategy.  It is time for a renewing of your mind.  It does not matter at what level you currently walk or the strength of your relationship with the Lord; He desires and wants to advance you.

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