The Church At A Crossroads

By DeeDee Johnson on March 18, 2014

“Remember then from what heights you have fallen; repent….or else I will visit you and remove your lampstand from it’s place….He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.”  Revelation 2:5, 7

The Church worldwide, I believe, now stands at a crossroads, a time of decision.  It soon will be no longer possible to be lukewarm and remain a believer.  The scripture says the lukewarm will be “spewed out.”  Those words have prophetic significance.

In Revelation 2, Yeshua gives to John a message for each of the seven churches located in Asia Minor, a Roman province located in modern day Turkey.  In every letter, at or near the close, He says, “He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.”  This statement indicates that these letters have a greater application beyond those seven churches.  I do not think it would be inaccurate to say that these letters are written to the Church throughout history and particularly to the end time Church in the Book of Revelation.

To the church at Ephesus, John writes that they should remember from where they had fallen and repent or else their lampstand will be removed.  History records that decendants of these assemblies in Asia Minor continued to occupy that area until the Treaty of Lusanne called for a mass removal of all the Greek Orthodox churches from Turkey in 1923.  As a result, all remnants of the original seven churches were removed out of their homes, their cities, and the country.  Every one of these assemblies had their lampstand removed just as Yeshua warned them could happen.

The Church today needs to heed this warning.  We will be held accountable and, no doubt, many churches will be removed from their place.  Are we holding fast to Him?  Are we walking in first love?  Are we overcoming lukewarmness and immorality?

Since 1948 when Israel became a nation once again, we have seen the release and increase of the “birth pains” that precede the end time events recorded in the prophets and John’s Revelation.  As we move into those events, only those believers who truly know their God and hear His voice will be able to overcome and remain faithful.  God will strengthen and protect them.  Many of the lukewarm will physically perish, though they are perhaps saved and will enter heaven.

At this very hour, the Bride is making herself ready.  Beloved, only you can make yourself ready!  Let us wash ourselves with the water of the Word.  Let us draw near in worship that we might behold Him and be changed into His image.  Let us seek the Lord while He may be found.

He that has an ear, let him hear...

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