New Season and a New Location

By Ryan McAdams on February 09, 2013

After a few weeks of silence and waiting on God, the JHOP Prayer Room has now moved to a new location.  We are now situated at New Town United Methodist's Community Prayer Room that is located in New Town above the 1st Advantage Bank at 4800 Courthouse Road.  Additionally, we will be relocating the Friday night Awakening Services to Christian Life Center on Longhill Road across from Lafayette High School.  We are so thankful for these two churches and their leadership who have opened their doors and hearts to us in this way.  We made the decision to move due to some significant issues we were experiencing with the building we were previously sharing with The City Life Church.  We love and bless our good friends at City Life, and we continue to be grateful for our time with them and the opportunity they extended to us to be together and share space.  It is interesting how sometimes in our life and in our ministries the Lord sets up circumstances that forces us to move and transition, even apart from our own intention or plan.  When we choose to give God the reins and trust Him "to build the house", we give Him the place to lead us forth as He sees fit to accomplish His will, not ours.  This move, however, is a part of a bigger picture.                 

Since early November, the Lord has been speaking to us about a new thing He wants to do in us and through us and that this would launch us forth into a new realm of glory and ministry.  Like a spring being pulled back in tension,  the building situation has caused a level of tension for us; and yet, it has motivated us to go deep and diligently seek His face and wait on Him.  In January, out of necessity, we pulled back from much of what we were doing publicly, which forced us to stop and rest and listen to God in a fresh way for the new place and the new thing He wants to bring forth.  There is a cycle you can trace out in the scriptures that reveals this pattern in God: (1) God hovers and a new thing comes forth; (2) the season of the new thing comes to an end; (3) there is a fresh time of hovering in transition, resting and waiting for the next new thing to come forth; then, (4) the Spirit births the next new thing.  In Genesis, we see that the Spirit of God hovers and then creates (the new thing) and in six days the process is finished (representing the end of the work); then God rested on the 7th day (completion and transition); thus, prophetically the 8th day represents a new beginning (another new creation).  When we move with the Spirit, He is always creating and bringing forth new things and elevating from glory to glory.  Interestingly, we got into our location at The City Life Church on July 1st (the new thing coming forth) and we were in that location for 6 months through December (the ending of the new thing); then, we rested and waited in transition in January (the 7th month), seeking God for the creation of the next new thing;  and now, God is leading us into the new on the 8th month here in February.  It doesn't always work out this way of course, but you see the pattern. 

We are now transitioning and entering into a new phase of His plan and advancing as He is creating.  We believe there is a clear redemptive and Kingdom purpose for God opening the doors and choosing the ministries we are now cooperating with and sharing space.  As one close friend and intercessor told me today, "His ways are higher than ours."  Yes, and that is what is exciting - getting out of the box and moving with Him and watching Him bring something new together.  The Lord is challenging us to take an aggressive stance for the increase and enlargement of His Kingdom.  We are not sure what is to come, but we are expectant and believing for great things.  The Word has become like fire in our bones, and our hearts are aflame for Him and for the Holy Spirit to move in our lives and in this city.  We are seeking Him with fresh repentance and searching our hearts that we would become yielded and empty vessels He can fill up to overflowing.  Our faith is elevated to believe for the lost to be saved, the sick to be healed and the captive set free.  God is on the move!  Join with us and stir yourself up for there is grace available today to seek Him with a whole heart, and to go higher and deeper than you ever have before, unto the fullness of God.                

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