Keeping Your Warning System Maintained

By Karyn Doherty on May 30, 2016

“He said to his friend, ‘if the British march by land or sea from the town tonight, Hang a lantern aloft in the belfry arch Of the Old North Church tower as a signal light…’” 

An enlightening excerpt from Longfellow’s poem “Paul Revere’s Ride.”  This historical account illustrates a small segment of our American patriot’s bravery under dangerous conditions.  It also describes the significance of paying close attention to warning signs.  Revere changed the course of history just by keeping vigilant….while focused on a tiny steeple.

In today’s world the warning signs are becoming more ominous and the Body of Christ is in great need of a wake-up call.  Our blood-bought freedom is once again falling into perilous times. We continually watch the rise of Islam, economic turmoil, and an increased acceptance of socialism, abortion and homosexuality.  Alarmingly, it is recognized as being done in the name of “political correctness.”  In light of all this, the question needs to be asked; “are church leaders beginning to understand that they need to become the “watchman, declaring what he sees?”  The great Tribulation is prophetically advancing but thankfully there are “lanterns” beginning to spring up around the countryside like never before in human history.  Anticipation of a Third Great Awakening is escalating and the winds of the Holy Spirit are beginning to blow a fresh new wave of the plans of God throughout the globe.  When this Glory Wave comes, will we be ready, having our lanterns filled?  Will we have enough oil to light our lamps when the Bridegroom makes His glorious appearance?

Prophetically, we are in a day and time where there is a guarantee it will not be “business as usual” in the church, or in other words, the former way of doing things have now passed away. “Behold I am doing a new thing. Shall it spring forth and will you not know or perceive it?”  But as this new thing begins to unfold, know that His radical love is consistently revealing His deepest desire that no man should perish but become an eyewitness of eternal Heavenly Glory.  With endless passion He invites all who will have ears to hear to come up into a higher, more intimate and personal relationship with Himself.  In these days which we find ourselves, our filled-to-the-brim burning lamps will be the only thing that will sustain us in the coming days.  Jesus’ one word of admonition has already been given and we must now effectively declare it to the unprepared…”Watch!”

Our covenant roots of America have never been uprooted and will begin to flourish as the Glory of God begins to sweep over our land.  The Holy Spirit will bring about righteousness and uprightness to rule with liberty and freedom once again.  Dear watchman, get ready to blow the trumpets!  Arm yourself with divinely inspired discernment, keeping a sharp eye focused on God’s “Steeple Lantern.”  Sound the alarm and prepare the way of the Lord.  Begin to speak life over America and recognize our country is still worth fighting for.  Our hero Paul Revere took this admonition seriously, for he saw the sword coming upon the land and trumpeted the warning throughout every village and town until each community had the opportunity to hear the alarm and prepare. So the question is, “Are your lamps overflowing?”  Yet more importantly, “How is your warning system being maintained.” “Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”(Mat. 24:44)

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