A Declaration of Love

By Charlotte Pereira on May 10, 2013

“I love You, O LORD, my strength.” Psalm 18:1

David, the psalmist-warrior...a man so passionate for the heart of God...even searching for the right word to say “I love You, O LORD.”  He could have used "aheb" which is a widely used Hebrew word for love.  Aheb is a love for someone or something.  Yet to capture his most tender intimate love for God, David chose to use the word "racham" (raw-kham).  Racham connotes the deep love between a husband and a wife or the love of a mother for her child...racham speaks of intimate embrace so tender of covenant love.  Psalm 18 was a song birthed inside David’s spirit right after the LORD delivered him from the the hand of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul.  It’s so like David, the warring faithful anointed of God, to then sing out the most intimate lyric.  You will find racham used only once here in all of the Old Testament for a person’s love for God. 

No wonder the Lord Himself wants to see the tabernacle of David rebuilt (Acts 15:15-17).  While there is much to say about all that the tabernacle of David represents, I believe the essence of the tabernacle of David is the Lord’s yearning for deep tender love and devotion from His children, from His Davids that are on the earth...those that are following hard after the heart of God...those who are not ashamed to show profuse affection toward the LORD, those who, even in the time of great difficulty, seek out the living God as a most safe Refuge.  These Davids abide in the realm of God’s heart and delight in being one with His Spirit.

If you are a true worshipper of the Lord Jesus Christ then you know you already are communing with the Lord David-style, so do not think it strange when you are persecuted, when the enemy or men try to “talk you out of” your lifestyle of pursuing God or try to “chase you out from” a place God has positioned you in this earth or even “overlook you” when you are verily the apple of God’s eye.  Just know the enemy and carnal man did the same to your kindred spirit— David.  Study his life and the challenges and hardships that he faced and be encouraged because out of those excruciatingly hard places came forth David’s songs of deliverance and songs of love.  Most certainly “I love You, O LORD...” remained on David’s heart as he sought the Lord throughout his lifetime.  In the wonderfully sublime connection with the Spirit of the LORD, his love for God was racham.  


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