From Walls To Harvest

By Stephen Foster on March 08, 2016

I saw walls in front of each of us.  There were different heights, widths and thicknesses of these walls.   There were walls of frustration, walls of hindrance, walls of sickness, walls of complacency, walls of anger, walls of poverty, walls of stress, walls of depression, walls of fear, walls of fatigue, walls of lukewarmness, and many other walls.  Some of the walls were thicker than others. One reason for the thickness is the length of time that some of the issues have existed.  In some cases there are multiple issues adding to the thickness of the walls.

Holy Spirit made it clear to me that almost all of these walls had cracks and were in a weaken condition.  Some cracks were small, but others were significant.  He made it clear that all of these walls could be removed.  All of them!!!

What needs to happen first is that we need to press in to know who we are in Christ.  If we understand what has been made available to us and we press into wanting to really, really know Him, than nothing can stand in our way.

Holy Spirit made it clear to me that in some cases if faith would arise the walls could be pushed over.  There were instances where turning around and going the opposite direction was the key.  I saw angels setting explosive charges in some of the walls that would help some to overcome even in the hardest of circumstances.  He reminded me of the scripture in Isaiah 54:17 “that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.”

It is almost spring and we need to decide that we will not be held or restricted any longer.  It is time to sow and plant so that a harvest will be gathered this fall.  The walls in your life are limiting and in some cases shutting down your ability to sow and plant.  The walls are reducing the size of the field you have been given.  It is time to rise up in the power of His might and occupy the land He has given us.

The day has come to say goodbye to the walls in our lives.  It is His desire to see them crumble before us.  Now let’s join with Him and plow forward into the inheritance that awaits each of us.


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