Who am I? (Part 2 of 2)

Written by Chris Berglund on December 11, 2012
For over three years Peter walked with Jesus, but did not yet know his own identity. Just a day before the crucifixion of Christ we have Peter lopping of the ear of the servant of the high priest. During the last supper we have Peter assuring Jesus he would never deny him, he would die before ever doing such a thing. Yet, Peter fails miserably in his devotion. Why? Because his understanding of his own strength was in his ability to do things for God. When he failed, it is no surprise to …read more.

Who am I? (Part 1 of 2)

Written by Chris Berglund on November 12, 2012
In our narcissistic age, the question, “Who am I?” has become representative of many things: pop psychology, excessive navel-gazing, the endless need to “find yourself.” In other words: Me. As a result, many believers have steered clear to their detriment. The Bible has a great many important things to say about who you are, and it is no less a figure than God who has cared to answer this question. The reason is because both non-answers and wrong answers have deva…read more.

Established in Righteousness

Written by Chris Berglund on February 14, 2012
Recently, I had a dream where I was handed a book, and the title read, "Being Established In Righteousness."  God was highlighting to me a great truth that needed to be established until an immovable foundation was laid in my life that would empower me to 'reign in life through the one man Christ Jesus.'  I found the phrase 'established in Righteousness' in Is. 54:14.  As I began to ponder and study this section of the Scripture, what the Lord had been doing in my life bec…read more.

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