Intimacy with Jesus   We desire to experience the reality of an intimate relationship with Jesus and to fulfill the first commandment.  We are passionate about enjoying and expressing the depths of Christ’s divine life and love in ever increasing measure as we pursue our eternal calling to know Him fully.

Dependence on the Holy Spirit   We recognize that nothing of divine worth can be accomplished apart from the initiation, enablement and working of God’s Spirit.  Thus, we purpose to please God and be fruitful in ministry by honoring and yielding to the Holy Spirit in everything. 

Centrality of the Scriptures  We are committed to the centrality of the Word of God in all that we do.  We look to the Bible as our primary guide for life, source of truth, as well as the basis for our prayers and worship.

Devotion of the Fasted Lifestyle  We joyfully and willingly pursue the biblical lifestyle of the abandoned and free heart, which Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount.  We want to grow in voluntarily denying the legitimate pleasures of this world for the extreme pleasure of knowing God.  This passion for Jesus is born not of legalism or religious fanaticism but out of love to experience the fullness of Christ.

Supernatural Ministry   We value the presence of God, the miraculous, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  We believe that the Gospel of the Kingdom is to be expressed in word and deed – with a demonstration of power for the glory of Jesus.  

Unity of the Body of Christ  Spiritually there exists before God one Church in Williamsburg that is joined together in the person of Jesus Christ.  Jesus died to break down the wall of separation that divides in order to establish a people for Himself characterized by love, unity and mutual cooperation.  We take responsibility to contend for this holy purpose, for the mutual blessing of all and the glory of Jesus.

Authentic Community   We are the family of God and our desire is to live out a genuine expression of the Kingdom of heaven.  We want to cultivate a relational environment that encourages connectedness, service and love.  We have a high regard for joy, integrity, loyalty, accountability, humility, honor and faithfulness. 

Fathering and Discipleship  We value mentoring, training and biblical discipleship that is focused on shaping fruitful lives that mature through the modeling and input of encouraging and accountable relationships. 

Night and Day Worship and Prayer  The indescribable glory of the Lord Jesus warrants our unceasing praise and adoration and we seek to create a place where that can happen.  The Bible also states that we can expect justice and city transformation when we "cry out day and night"(Luke 18:6-7).

Mission   We believe prayer is not an escape from action, but is the force and foundation for all effective ministry and service.  Jesus moves us to pray, so that we may be sent out in mission.  We take seriously the call to “go” and change our community which results in the lost being saved and compassionate acts of justice being expressed toward the needy, the oppressed, the exploited and the unborn. 

Preparation for the End Times   We believe that the Day of the Lord is approaching and that God is releasing grace and understanding to prepare His people spiritually and naturally to be overcomers who will victoriously stand in the midst of the coming crisis. 

Israel   We do not believe that the Church replaces God's promises for Israel and we are committed to contending for the fullness of God's purposes in relation to Israel and its salvation.

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